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L’Art de Vivre according to NATALIE RICHARD

For me, The Art of Life starts with health and well being which, like every other art form, is the result of a constant search for balance.

Eating fresh and healthy food, drinking high quality water and drinks, breathing fresh air, and choosing to live in a healthy and beautiful environment. Having fun, laughing and loving. Indulging in daily pleasures and always finding good reasons to celebrate life, every day.

Eating : Fresh and high quality food, avoiding junk and processed food. Eating less but better. Choosing nourishment over punishment.

Drinking : Lots of pure water and looking for the best quality in all the other drinks, such as juices, coffee, tea, and of course, wine.

Breathe : Fresh air every day, exercice, even if it’s just going for a walk. Take time to breath deeply and consciously.

Natalie Richard is « the French Girl » of her generation, well known as the sparkly MusiquePlus and MuchMusic VJ, as well as the host of  French Kiss. She switched from music to gastronomy at the end of the 90’. She has since hosted two culinary shows, became a certified family herbalist, a yoga teacher and she completed her first year in naturopathic studies. She published one travel book for children and two cookbooks and works as a regular gastronomy and travel writer for Via Destinations Magazine, Chatelaine and writes the weekly blog ‘In Good Taste’ on YummyMummyClub.ca. She also hosts and produces cooking videos for various web sites, including the French version of Châtelaine web site www.fr.chatelaine.com.


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5 thoughts on “About Me

    • Bonjour Stéphane,

      Pour le moment, je ne donne pas de cours, ni formation en yoga mais si vous le souhaiter, je peux vous donner des références, dépendant de l’endroit où vous habitez, bonne journée, Natalie

  1. Bonjour!
    Je viens de trouver ce site web et cette bio–vous êtes très inspirante Natalie!
    Découvrez notre projet daana qui offre des cours de yoga hebdomadaires par donation dans la communauté. Nous avons une vingtaine de cours sur l’île de Montréal. Visitez notre site web pour le calendrier de cours et aussi visionner notre courte vidéo.
    Ce projet a comme mission de s’épandre partout! Allez voir: globaldaana.org
    Au plaisir,

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