My mission is to inspire people to cultivate the art of living in their daily life by sharing relevant information on the great pleasures of life in the areas of cooking, gastronomy, wellness, travel, novelty and gourmet quality products. May this site be a source of daily inspiration and reference on what choice to make for a gourmet lifestyle.

WHY: Because there are so much discordant information on nutrition and wellness at the moment: scientific studies sponsored by large companies, trends advocating miracle diets and THE best way to eat, popular beliefs initiated by multinationals to sell so-called ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ products – labelling words that are often used loosely to sell products that are not necessarily a guarantee of quality. Consumers are losing their senses on who or what to believe. In an era where diseases related to mental and physical imbalances are growing, fits a real need to have access to objective information, beyond the food and pharmaceutical lobbying and what is publicly disclosed in accordance with soley economic purposes.